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  1. Joshua Moore

    Marie is a rare creative talent; her creative work and vision go above and beyond the norm. She is a true professional. She provided me with outstanding service – friendly, passionate customer service – and she also made me look, and feel, like a star. Marie truly loves what she does; while I was her client, her enthusiasm and love for make-up was evident to me. I recommend Marie Walter to anyone who wants a fun, creative, but professional experience.

  2. Dana Ferris

    I have had my make up done a few times now by Marie and she is always wonderful and so good at her job. I hardly wear make up so when I do, sometimes my eyes will freak out and start watering or I will get an itch, Marie handles all these little obstacles with ease. Very friendly and professional service, Marie will always be my first choice for make up artist.

  3. Paul Stevens

    Marie has helped me with my photo shoots on a few occasions now. I know you’ll love working with her too. Her creativity and enthusiasm are infectious. If you need someone who can think outside of the box, or you’re stuck for ideas of what to shoot, then Marie is your girl. Besides all that, her attention to detail is outstanding. Often during the shoot, she will jump in and fix up those things that you miss while looking through the camera – you know – those stray hairs or smudged lipstick that you wished you’d spotted during the shoot. She knows her profession and always does a top-knotch job. As a bonus, if your model doesn’t turn up – Marie makes a great model too!

  4. Erin Jaye Allan

    I used Marie Walter for one of my most important shoots to date: a shoot in which I was showcasing an enormous body transformation with which to represent my business through a wide range of media and advertising.

    Marie was absolutely outstanding in every sense of the word.

    Not only did she deliver the look I was seeking, she vastly surpassed my expectations and gave me a hair and makeup style which was, by far, one of the best looks I have ever achieved.

    I have had many shoots with various makeup artists, and Marie was hands down one of the most talented a skilled artists I have ever worked with.

    On top of this, she was absolutely delightful company. I was quite nervous about this particular shoot, and she spent an exceptional amount of time and effort both in styling me, and also in assisting with the shoot itself.

    Marie is an all round delightfully talented and skilled woman whom I cannot wait to work with again. She has a genuine eye for makeup and for working with the strengths and weaknesses of a profile.

    I cannot recommend her services enough, to anyone wanting a flawless and immaculate look. Whether it be bridal, glamour or alternative hair and makeup, she is both passionate and skilled enough delight absolutely any customer.

  5. Pauline Walter

    As Marie’s mother one could say I am biased, however, I have watched her dedication to becoming a make-up artist and photographer. From the age of sixteen she has taught herself many techniques while waiting to attend the Academy of Make-up to become a qualified Make-up artist.Throughout the course she was highly praised by her lecturers who were impressed by her talent and attention to detail. Marie has done my make-up for several important occasions and each time it has been beautiful. I have received numerous compliments on her work. Marie is dedicated to providing clients of all ages with the look they want for their special events. I have watched her working on many clients and am constantly amazed by the work she does.

  6. Karlie Furlong Post author

    Over the course of the past 5 years, I have had Marie transform my face countless times. Initially I was a face model for her training and featured in some of her photographic work, and I was so impressed with her work that I arranged for her to be the on set makeup artist for band “sons of midnight” on a record label shoot. She is professional and a truly talented artist in every sense of the word. Her makeup is spectacular and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her on any occasion large or small.

  7. Laura Tuton

    Marie and I have been working together now for about 3 years, where she does the makeup for most of my clients who are having a photo shoot done with me.
    We have developed a great business relationship, but that was a given, as we started off as great friends first.
    She’s not only amazingly talented and creative, she’s just a fun loving, carefree spirit, and I love that about her.

    When it comes to Marie’s makeup work, she doesn’t just come on the day to do your makeup, she puts a lot of effort into the planning process before the actual day too. She’s a true artist and is full of wonderful, weird and creative looks.
    Not only does she create some amazingly wacky high fashion looks, she also is very talented and skilled in toned down looks as well. Beautiful, simplistic, immaculate, flawless bridal looks or soft fashion looks.

    Across all areas of her work she’s able to take your ideas or come up with her own to create wonderful works of art and transform you into someone else, or enhance your already beautiful look.

    Not only is she talented in what she does, she’s also very reliable, dedicated, and a perfectionist. She spends the time to get the looks right on the day for any client and has great work ethic too. She’s hygienic and clean when it comes to her makeup brushes and other equipment, and I think that’s super important in this type of work.

    I highly recommend her to all my clients as well as people who are looking for a great makeup artist. She’s fully trained, has a fully stocked kit, is very reliable, passionate about what she does and is just super talented.
    I’m even having her do my makeup for my wedding.

    Not only is she a great makeup artist, but she’s also a fantastic photographer as well. We have both worked together as photographers on photo shoots before, and she works well in that team environment. She’s always giving me ideas and helping me out along the way.

    I cannot recommend her enough to anyone wanting photographic or makeup type work. She’s experienced in bridal, fashion, mature, creative, runway looks for makeup, and fashion, events and portraits for photography.. just about anything, big or small, whatever the occasion, I know she can do.

    She’s one of my closest friends and that’s just blossomed even more through our working together. I love her personality, her style, her love for what she does and her talent.. I know you will too 🙂

  8. Chris Rattray

    One of the many things that strikes me about Marie is her incredible attention to detail. No matter which of her myriad creative undertakings, from make-up, photography, modelling, or simply in her stunning outfits, she goes that extra mile to ensure her presentation is exceptional, memorable, and, above all, utterly professional.

    Marie’s limits as an artist in all endeavours are yet to be tested. And she is super nice to deal with in person! If you are lucky enough to be worthy of her services, you will most probably not only achieve an amazing outcome but will have made a friend for life.

  9. Adam Campbell

    I’ve worked with Marie on a number of shoots now. Not only does she bring a makeup game that’s A+ to the shoots, but a unique sense of creativity and youthful enthusiasm too.

    Highly recommended.

  10. Jamie Beloved

    I was lucky enough to be apart of RAW Hobart 2016 in April. Marie was my make-up artist for the night. She was welcoming, bubbly, friendly and above all very professional in regards to her work.

    Having my make-up done by Marie was both a fun and a relaxing experience.

    Needless to say she is meticulous with her craft, taking care to look after your needs as well as keeping her work station and brushes as clean as a operating theatre.

    Having both talent and personality I would highly recommend Marie to my friends, family and anyone else looking for a skilled and versatile artist for an event, photo shoot, wedding or formal.

    Thanks for a memorable and fun filled night Marie! xoxo

  11. Hartley Love

    As a trained makeup artist myself, there aren’t many people I trust to do my makeup, but Marie is definitely one of those select few. Marie isn’t just an incredible artist with an eye for detail, a steady hand and amazing technique, she is an artist in the true sense of the word and creates masterpieces with her work, whether it be an understated makeup look or a bold avant-garde design. Marie can easily and expertly recreate a look or face chart, but is just as comfortable having free reign and coming up with her own creations. Marie has such a warm, friendly personality and is easy to talk to and laugh with while being professional at all times, immediately putting you at ease and creating trust, which I think is important when someone is going to be dangerously close to your eyes! I have had the privilege of working with Marie on a number of shoots, and have always been mesmerized and impressed which what she has been able to create, and I have 100% confidence in her work. I am constantly excited to see what she will create next.


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