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I’ve come to realise I have such a dislike and distain for companies and organisations. Why? Because at the end of the day all you are to them is a pawn in a giant money making machine where your work is undervalued and people hide behind fake smiles.

Take my recent experience. If you know me you would know I’ve always wanted to work for MAC Cosmetics. When I was a teen I would go into the stores, buy stuff and say how much I wanted to work for the company. They clearly told me that to work for the company I would need to have an accredited certificate or diploma in makeup (a certification).

So I began my path into getting these certifications. I couldn’t afford to get a diploma at the time so I first did a shorter unaccredited course with Napoleon Perdis. Even though I never loved the products the way I love MAC’s products I thoroughly enjoyed learning about makeup and having my friends come in to be my makeup model for the evening. Out of this I got a Certificate in Bridal, Glamour and Beauty. This was not an ‘accredited course’ so I still couldn’t get a job with MAC.

It took a series of unfortunate events to be able to go to the Academy of Makeup to get my Diploma in Specialised Makeup Services but I got it and I did extremely well in the course. I absolutely loved my time at the Academy, I learned more and became better. I was so excited to also learn basics of special effects makeup as I’ve always been fascinated in the special effects side. I would actually love to go to an Academy to learn special effects which include mould making and sculpting.

Anyway even with this Diploma and Certificate under my belt I still couldn’t get hired at MAC. I learned about Illamasqua when I was studying for my Diploma and fell in love with their products and the girls working at the counter and one day I actually got the opportunity to work for them.

That was such an amazing accomplishment for me, to actually have a full time job in makeup and keep learning. I really loved and enjoyed my time working at Illamasqua, but I still wanted to work for MAC.

I actually lost my job with Illamasqua for applying at MAC, and I didn’t even get an interview for MAC.

Anyway, time passed and I applied for MAC again and finally got an interview which I was so pumped and excited about. All this hard work would finally pay off, or so I thought. We were meant to bring our own models for a makeup test but they decided to change it and we did each other, which I wasn’t happy about. And after the test they interviewed me separately and focused on asking me why I wore a flower headband to the interview.

Needless to say I didn’t get the job.

I then found out about the online makeup course by Mastered and Val Garland would be our teacher. I applied and got in. For me this was huge and I was so excited to be able to learn more about developing the creative process as a makeup artist and learn tips and tricks on how to be your own great brand. Many of you won’t know this but Val Garland does most of the makeup for MAC’s makeup campaigns.

It was an intense course, an amazing course where I met a huge network of incredible makeup artists all around the world. We got to comment and leave feedback on each others’ work which I found so helpful.

Out of that I got a certificate for the Val Garland School of Makeup, my third certification.

Time moved on. I moved to Launceston, Tasmania where there aren’t a lot of makeup counters. The closest and only MAC store in the State is in Hobart which is about three hours away. But who knew that my dreams yet again might come true when Myer decided to get MAC to Launceston? My friend told me the day it came up on Seek and I applied straight away.
There isn’t a huge number of amazing qualified makeup artists in the area so I thought I’d be a winner and finally get to work for MAC.

I applied and got an interview, drove to Hobart the day before so I could be fresh for the interview (thanks Jamie and Marty for putting us up. It was about the same time as when my neck injury flared up and I was having horrible nerve pain.

I thought I aced the one-on-one interview and makeup part. Yet again we had to do each other. Out of about sixteen girls I was one of the only few who had proper makeup qualifications, so I thought, well they won’t hire girls without qualifications. They told me they don’t.

Turns out yet again I was wrong. Needless to say I didn’t get the job and yet again my dreams were crushed by this company. I haven’t been able to work at Myer for over a month now due to my medical condition. I decided to go for a walk today as I was feeling fluid in my neck and I just needed to move. I walked into the city to work to go visit my friend. I walk in and there is MAC all set up which I had no idea about. And there was a young girl working there who was in my interview. A girl who doesn’t have any makeup qualifications.

This has nothing to do with this girl. I’m positive she’s a beautiful human being and just like me trying to make it.

But I feel like these days people are just hiring young people with no qualifications for cheap labour.

So many people I know can’t get jobs (or lose jobs) because they are older. Companies can’t afford them. But what companies don’t realise is that these, older more experienced individuals will actually make you more money than the money you pay for your young, cheap labour. Something I love about working for Myer is that they have an inclusive hiring policy, which is great because I have pink hair and a couple of tattoos.

Also, what I’ve learned is that younger people aren’t as experienced so they don’t know their rights which means they can be pushed around without understanding that they are being treated unfairly.

The excuse I got on the phone for why I didn’t get the job was that I was lacking in confidence when I was doing the makeup scenario on a fake customer.

They asked me for feedback on what I could have done better and I said I could have talked more, but I found it weird doing a client scenario on a colleague and pretending. It wasn’t natural. I’m great at customer service and helping customers.

So the feedback they gave me was bullshit. As, if you know me, you’ll know I’m a confident person.

After reflection, tears and anger I realise that I am more then someone selling a customer a lipstick. I would have loved working for MAC but I realise it’s not for me because they don’t value people with potential and qualifications. At the end of the day MAC is retail. It’s not about your artistry, it’s about selling makeup and it will always be about selling makeup. It’s never about the customer experience, which is why I’ve never liked going into their stores.

I value art, human connection, meaning and people’s truths.

On my quest to work for someone I found something deeper. I found talent and love inside myself, which I can use to make something special and more meaningful then selling someone a makeup product.


Glitter Kisses, Mazzzz


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