About Marie Walter

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to come and visit my page! My names Marie Walter but I’m known more as Maz. I’m a freelance makeup artist and photographer who also dabbles in modelling. I have a motto and that is, “You already have the features, makeup enhances them” and it’s something I’ve lived by for a very long time. I first got interested in makeup when I was in high school and when I left I knew it was the main career choice for me. Before I became a qualified makeup artist I found I could express my artistic ability with makeup through taking and creating pictures to show off my work. This is how I came about my passion for photography. At the time finances were low and I couldn’t afford a very expensive makeup course so I chose to study photography for a while and learn how to use a digital camera and photo edit. I found studying photography to be fun but I found it was holding me back as my true passion was makeup.

After I left my photography studies I took a short course at Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy and learned all of the basics it came to being a makeup artist and after I received my certificate I decided to start my own freelance business, ‘Maz Makeup and Photography’ in 2011. After a year of doing makeup for shows, photoshoots and formals I wanted to pursue my studies further and do my dream course which was a Diploma of Specialised Makeup Services at the Academy of Makeup Brisbane. Here I learned the ins and outs of the makeup industry from simple makeup, to tv, airbrushing, creating characters and special effects. I put my heart and soul into this course and completed every assignment and exam with a competent or highly competent. In 2015 I also completed an online makeup course with the Val Garland School of Makeup where I learned how to open my mind and learn tools to be more creative with makeup. I’m currently studying a Cert III in Nail Technology which will bring another element into my business and for my clients.

My future goals are to work on feature films, do more creative photographic work and study special effects makeup where I would learn to sculpt and make my own prosthetics. I find my huge interest in Japanese Pop Culture, Anime and Gore highly influence my personal works and my creative ability to take a canvas and make it into something special. I have a huge drive and happy, positive and sometimes funny personality and my clients could not be happier when they come to me for services. I feel if you are positive and always be positive no matter what the circumstance, your positive energy will affect the people around you and make them feel happy and bubbly; this is what I bring to my work every day. I really hope you can take the time out to have a look around on my website. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message and I will be more then happy to take the time out to get back to you.

Glitter Kisses, Mazzzz